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Records Management, Document Management and Scanning

Records Management, Document Management, Document Scanning, Document Imaging, Workflow, File Tracking and Content Management software from Alliance allow today's organisations to be more responsive to their customers and clients.

Here are our document solutions:

Alliance PaperChase

Records Management

Finding that important document can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack...
Alliance PaperChase Records Management is barcode driven archive and records management software for managing physical paper records including file tracking, storage, retention and retrieval of original documents, files and archive boxes.

Alliance Imager

Document Management

Alliance Imager is document management and imaging software which uses document scanning and imaging to transform paper documents into electronic documents that can be viewed and edited.
Alliance Imager provides document management of scanned and electronically generated documents (such as Word or Excel) in a user-friendly searchable system. 

Alliance BatchScan

Document Scanning

Alliance BatchScan document scanning software provides volume scanning for TWAIN compatible document scanners from leading manufacturers such as Canon, Fujitsu and Kodak.
Documents may be scanned for Indexing into Alliance Imager document management or Alliance PaperChase records management or saved into a Windows folder.

Imaging for Windows

Document Imaging

Imaging for Windows® is an intuitive, easy-to-use image viewing application that enables users to scan, edit, annotate, and store paper-based documents.
Imaging for Windows Developer Resources is the software development kit for Imaging for Windows.