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Records Management, Document Management and Scanning     

Records Management, Document Management, Document Scanning, Document Imaging, Workflow, File Tracking and Content Management software from Alliance allow today's organisations to be more responsive to their customers and clients.

Here are our document solutions:

Records Management
Document Management
Document Scanning
Document Scanners
Imaging for Windows


Alliance PaperChase records management and file tracking

Alliance Imager document management & scanning

Alliance BatchScan document scanning


Alliance PaperChase Records Management paper filingRecords Management and File Tracking - Alliance PaperChase

Alliance PaperChase is records management or file tracking software which uses barcode technology to manage the movement, filing, location, archival, retention and destruction of documents, files, cases and archive boxes to provide a comprehensive archives & records management (EDRMS) or file-tracking system. Using barcodes or RFID labels, Alliance PaperChase Records Management is designed to identify and track any item such as client or customer files, working papers, internal documents, drawings, forms, incoming mail and archived material. Each document is identified with a unique barcode, and may be grouped together to form projects or cases. An item may then be registered at a location simply by scanning its barcode identification label. PaperChase handles your paper filing.
With the addition of the PaperChase document management module, electronic documents and scanned images may also be managed.


Imager Document Management and Scanning

Document Management and Imaging - Alliance Imager

Alliance Imager is document management and imaging software which uses document scanning and imaging to transform paper documents into electronic documents that can be viewed and edited. Alliance Imager provides document management of scanned and electronically generated documents (such as Word or Excel) in a user-friendly searchable system. 
Alliance Imager uses a hierarchical cabinet, drawer and folder structure which enables the user to label and fill them to their own requirements, ensuring that all information is quick and easy to find. Alternatively, documents may be organised by saving key fields in an index card format. Documents may be saved into Imager from other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook.


Document Scanning BatchScanDocument Scanning - Alliance BatchScan

Alliance BatchScan is document scanning software which scans paper documents using TWAIN compatible document scanners. Documents may be scanned for Indexing into the Alliance Imager document management system or the Alliance PaperChase records management system or saved into a Microsoft Windows folder.
Documents are saved as multi-page TIFF, PDF or PDF/A files. Scanned images are displayed on screen as they are being scanned for a visual check, and the user can rescan a page or the whole document, add pages, insert pages or delete pages. Barcodes can also be read. With the use of the optional OCR module searchable PDF files may also be generated.
Alliance BatchScan is compatible with Fujitsu, Canon, Kodak and other scanners.

PDF XChange PDF TIF printer driver

Create PDF or TIFF files

PDF-XChange, Raster-XChange and PDF-XChange Viewer are part of PDF-XChange range of software for PDF and imaging file Creation, Manipulation & Viewing OCR and simple PDF editing.



Imaging for Windows 4

Imaging for Windows

Imaging for Windows is an intuitive, easy-to-use image viewing application that enables users to scan, edit, annotate, and store paper-based documents.

Imaging for Windows Developer Resources is the software development kit for Imaging for Windows.


Software Development – We develop custom applications using Microsoft Visual Basic with SQL compliant databases (including Access, SQL Server and Oracle). We specialise in developing document imaging software, including development of systems using Imaging for Windows.

See some of our clients using Alliance software.

Records Management and Document Scanning Hardware

We supply document scanning and records management hardware from leading manufacturers including:

Mobile Computing and Barcode Readers

Mobile Computing with Pocket PC-based terminals from Motorola Symbol, Psion and Opticon, combine the strengths of the Pocket PC platform with productivity-enhancing features that include reliable bar code scanning. And Mobile Printing with Zebra mobile printers provide a total mobile solution.

 from Motorola-Symbol Motorola barcode reader scannerand Opticon Barcode Scanner for Records Management & File Tracking 

Motorola barcode scanners

The Motorola MC-55 PDA  and barcode scanner

See Motorola MC55 for more details.

Barcode Printers

Barcode label printers print high quality bar-coded labels on a variety of media including 
paper and synthetic materials. Some printers can also program RFID tags (or "smart labels").

Zebra-Barcode-label-printer for file tracking      Barcode label printers  from Zebra   Zebra barcode and RFID label printer   and Mobile PrintersZebra P4T RP4T barcode label printer

RFID scanners and printers

                    RFID reader Astra UHF                    RFiD handheld scanners for Records Management & File Tracking      

Document Scanners

  Fujitsu fi-7160,7180,7260,7280


High-speed Fujitsu document scanners are now available.

The Fujitsu 7160 and 7260 desktop scanners are now available.
The Fujitsu 7180 and 7280 workgroup scanners are now available.

Document Scanners from Fujitsu scanners, Canon scanners, Kodak scanners, Panasonic, Epson and Xerox.


Alliance are authors of Alliance Imager document management software, Alliance BatchScan document scanning software and the Alliance PaperChase records management system.
Alliance offer records management systems, document management systems, document imaging software, paperless office and document scanning software
solutions. We specialise in mobile computing, file tracking, archiving, archival,  EDRMS document tracking and record management software, and VB6 programming.
We supply
Kodak/Wang/Microsoft Imaging for Windows software, document scanners from Fujitsu, Kodak and Canon, and mobile computing, barcode scanners and RFID scanners from Zebra-Motorola-Symbol and Opticon, and bar-code label printers, RFID printers and smart labels from Zebra.

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