JCS Download Page

1) Alliance Imager Full Install Set - Version 2.05.28       (Final Imager 2.5 release).
Download Imager.msi ,and then run double-click it (this will install the Imager software - Imager.exe, ImagerVw.exe)
 - if you get a message saying a file being copied is not newer than a file currently on the system, choose Yes to keep the existing file.

Desktop icons will be installed, you will need to edit the properties of these (right click the icon and select Properties). Change the 'Start In' field to be the drive letter where your database is located - eg if your database is on drive X enter X:  into the Start In field, and then press OK.

2) Update to Version 2.06.06
Then download Imager2.zip release 2.06.06 and unzip to your Imager program folder - typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Imager - to replace the existing Imager2.exe