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Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanners and Barcode Readers

Motorola Symbol barcode scanner   

Pocket PC-based barcode scanners from Zebra-Motorola-Symbol Technologies, combine the strengths of the Pocket PC platform with productivity-enhancing features that include reliable bar code scanning.

Motorola Symbol offer a range of portable and tethered barcode scanners. Here is a selection:

Motorola MC-55 Barcode Scanner

         Motorola MC-5590 and MC-5574 barcode scanners
Motorola's MC5590 gives a new level of flexibility and functionality for workers inside the four walls. With the power of a walkie-talkie, VoIP phone, mobile computer, bar code scanner and camera, the MC5590 provides workers in retail, hospitals, and restaurants with the sophisticated yet cost-effective mobile voice and data services required to truly achieve maximum productivity, response times and service levels.

Motorola MC-70 Barcode Scanner

        Motorola MC-70

The Motorola MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) is a rugged handheld mobile device that incorporates a mobile phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager in a single unit designed for the rigors of all-day, everyday usage. This compact, lightweight device combines multi-mode wireless networking, voice and data communications, and advanced data capture in an enterprise productivity tool that can support nearly any application in any environment. Superior voice functionality includes outstanding acoustic performance and voice quality, handset, headset and speakerphone modes. Your mobile workers will have everything they need to increase productivity and efficiency inside and outside your four walls — from field workers reading meters and repairing equipment to drivers delivering packages, hospital workers checking lab results and medication orders, and more.

Motorola-Symbol  PPT8800 Barcode Scanner

   Motorola 8800

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Motorola combines barcode scanning and communication power - The Best of Both Technologies

The Motorola-Symbol PPT 8800 portable barcode scanner is one of the family of Pocket PC-based terminals from Motorola, combining the strengths of the Pocket PC platform with productivity-enhancing features that include bar-code scanning and optionally real-time wireless communication (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). Designed with today’s mobile worker in mind, the rugged Motorola Pocket PC is a productivity tool for business professionals, enabling the power of Pocket PC to perform when and where it’s needed. The PPT8800 includes the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system.

The Motorola PPT 8800 scanners meet the multi-tasking demands of a wide variety of non-contact, indoor and outdoor barcode reading applications in records management, manufacturing, transportation, retail and healthcare.

With the PPT8800’s small and lightweight form factor, large touchpad display and durable design, your employees make fewer data entry errors over long shifts, giving you more accurate data.

The advanced hardware architecture of the PPT8800 allows your employees to have fast access to complex, data-intensive applications, allowing them to help customers faster, increasing customer satisfaction.


PC-connected Barcode Scanners

Symbol LS2208 tethered (USB) scanners

Motorola Symbol barcode scanner                                            

Motorola-Symbol handheld scanners provide a reliable barcode scanning solution. Their sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design is perfectly balanced to minimise operator strain while maximising comfort. Motorola offer premium scanners at entry-level prices with features you'd only expect to find on high-end solutions. A hands-free stand delivers the flexibility to operate as a presentation scanner. Scanners are typically connected to a PC via the USB port, though bluetooth and serial versions are also available.
Scanners  are available for long-range scanning, 1D barcode scanning, 2D barcode scanning and for scanning poor-quality barcodes.

  • Offers an impressive read-range of 17" (425mm)
  • High-speed laser scan rate
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Multiple on-board interfaces allow use with different host systems
  • USB and other interfaces
  • Recognises all common barcodes

With aggressive scanning capabilities and a wide working range, the Symbol LS2208 accurately captures data fast, helping employees work quickly and efficiently. And you’ll be up and running fast, because the Symbol LS2208 is easy to deploy and use, thanks to its plug-and-play installation and intuitive, user-friendly design, which requires little or no training. Plus the ergonomic, balanced form factor reduces user fatigue to maximise user comfort.
Motorola Symbol's corded and cordless scanners are the foundation of mobile enterprises and work seamlessly with other networks and information systems, so you can cost-effectively build and adapt as your business grows.

Motorola are the new owners of Symbol Technologies.

Motorola Symbol barcode scanners are suitable for use with the Alliance PaperChase records management software.

Motorola Authorised Reselller

We supply a full range of mobile or tethered barcode scanners from various manufacturers,
see our barcode catalogue.

Motorola PDA barcode scanning and mobile computing, Motorola-Symbol USB barcode scanners, barcoding for records management.

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