Imaging for Windows 4.0

Special pricing for existing users

* Offer ends 28th February 2017 *
  15% discount for existing users

Imaging for Windows release 4.0 licenses at a reduced price.
Offer available to existing users of Imaging for Windows 4.0 only.

Imaging for Windows software

Imaging for Windows® is an intuitive, easy-to-use image viewing application that enables users to scan, edit, annotate, and store paper-based documents. Using Imaging for Windows®, users can convert paper documents into electronic formats, moving paper from the desktop into computers and storage devices. Users can view, edit, email, upload and download image documents to and from the Internet. 

Furthermore, users who are familiar with Imaging for Windows® from an earlier version of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system will be pleased to know that they can now purchase the 4.0 version with its familiar capabilities to use with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows® XP environments. 

Imaging for Windows Special Pricing

Note that one licence is required for each PC that Imaging for Windows is installed on.
 The licence is registered to the individual PC and will only work on that PC.
Licence packs do not include the software, they are a licence to install software from a download.
Prices are in UK pounds Sterling and do not include tax. 
Developers should note that the ActiveX controls in Imaging for Windows 4.0 are not enabled until you buy a Imaging Developer Resources Kit.
1 User

Imaging for Windows License Pack - 1 User

(1 x single user licence)
£ 122
10 Users

Imaging for Windows License Pack - 10 User

(10 user licences)
£ 1,220

Service Pack

Download Hotfix for Imaging for Windows - hotfixes (service packs) for release 4.0 of Imaging for Windows. 

For installation instructions, please find the appropriate ReadMe file included with the hotfix.