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Archives & Records Management and File Tracking

Finding that important document can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack... Retrieve that document with Alliance PaperChase records management - find that needle-in-a-haystack

Alliance PaperChase Records Management is barcode driven archive and records management software for managing physical paper records including file tracking, storage, retention and retrieval of original documents, files and archive boxes, and with the PaperChase Imaging option scanned documents may also be stored, retrieved and displayed on screen.

Using barcode or RFID technology, the Alliance PaperChase Records Management (RMS) system is designed to identify and track physical documents such as client or customer files, patient records, planning applications, internal documents, forms, drawings, working papers, incoming mail and archived material.

    PaperChase Records Management     PaperChase records management, file tracking and archiving


    Alliance PaperChase archive & records management helps records managers and  users:

  • register files and documents as 'records' by printing and attaching a barcode or RFID label
  • store records in their appropriate classifications along with the prescribed metadata
  • search for and retrieve records when required
  • manage retention schedules
  • destroy records according to prescribed schedules
  • put holds on records so they donít get destroyed while the company goes through an audit or investigation
  • track the access of the record over its active and in-active life cycle

Each document (or folder of documents) is given a unique barcode label to identify it, and may be grouped together with other documents to form projects or cases. An item may then be registered at a location simply by scanning its barcode identification label. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) smart labels may be used instead of barcode labels.

Original documents or files are assigned to a location which could be a filing cabinet, shelf, office, person, third-party warehouse, client site, etc., so that it may be found and retrieved quickly and easily. Individual records, files, or boxes may be barcoded.
A full movement history of each item is retained so that all movements can be seen from the creation date onwards, providing a full audit trail for every item. 

Typically all employees could have a view-only version of PaperChase (allowing enquiries and File ordering) whilst Records Management department users would have a full version (allowing File creation, movement, boxing, archiving etc.).
A user may request files or documents to be retrieved (from on-site or third-party storage) and delivered to the user's location. With the PaperChase Imaging option scanned images of documents may be displayed on screen.

Alliance PaperChase is scaleable from small departmental records management systems (say 10 to 20 users) to enterprise-wide systems with 15,000 or more users.
PaperChase provides storage, archiving, security permissions, records management  and file tracking functionality and management using record retention schedules.

PaperChase records management allows the records manager to get a better grip on the increased volumes of all kinds of records.

PaperChase archive and records management          More Screenshots
                                                Alliance PaperChase screenshot showing the list of documents registered to a case or project.                                                            
PaperChase screenshots

PaperChase Filing Cabinet  PaperChase files

PaperChase can help both large and small organisations take advantage of the speed and accuracy of bar code or RFID data collection.

A few uses of PaperChase include:
 File (or Folder) Tracking
 Document Tracking
 Evidence Tracking
Patient Records
Asset Tracking


We can upgrade from other Records Management systems to Alliance PaperChase, or we can import any 'ad-hoc' data you may have.

PaperChase for records management, file tracking and paper filing.
For File Retrieval, Storage, Archival, Records Retention, Compliance and Destruction you need Alliance PaperChase EDRMS records management software. Paperchase is suitable for managing physical records, electronic records or hybrid records.

PaperChase Records Management File Tracking and Archival RFID 


  records management Alliance PaperChase leaflet

  records management Alliance PaperChase User Manual   




RFID Document File Tracking

Alliance PaperChase can use RFID 'smartlabels' to track Files, Boxes or Documents.  A smartlabel is printed with an RFID printer and affixed to a File.

File with RFID smartlabel                                           Zebra RFID label printer
A File with an RFID smartlabel attached.                                                 An RFID label printer.                         


Files (or Boxes or Documents) can then be tracked as they go through doorways using a RFID door reader.
Similarly Files in a zone (say a room or part of a room) can be checked with a zone reader. Files can be received at (or returned from) a users' desk with a PC attached RFID reader. And Files can be picked, delivered, returned, boxed or put on shelves using a mobile RFID reader.

ThingMagic RFID reader for document tracking                               Mobile RFID reader                         USB RFID reader for document management      
An RFID door or zone reader.                                                 A mobile RFID reader.                                             A USB PC attached RFID reader


What are Records Management Retention Schedules ?   See Records Management definitions for more information.
Do you need to store e-mails ? See here for details of e-mail archiving.  

PaperChase information
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"PaperChase provides us with an effective and efficient system for recording and monitoring the exact whereabouts and physical movements of important boxes, files and documents, thereby reducing our storage costs and retrieval times"

Use PaperChase physical records management software to check in, check out, and request documents to be retrieved, archive, store documents with retention dates, record location, barcoding records management systems, archival, archivist, RFID or barcode file-tracking. Document-tracking and Filing with PaperChase barcode records management software, or  rfid file tracking, file storage, file retention & retrieval. File plan, "life cycle of records", managing paper files and destruction schedules. Barcoding records for archive conservator. Barcode the record (document, file or object) and where the record resides i.e. box, carton, shelf, or room.

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